Some of the horses we were lucky to ride or lucky to find them for our clients

Pretty Darling CD

with Kai successful up to CCI3*, sold to Atsushi Negishi (JPN) 

finished 39th on the London Olympics 2012

TSF Tabasco 

produced by Kai up to CNC1*, then sold to Ingrid Klimke 

several winnings up to 3*-Level

Green Mount Flight 

found by Lara for Christoph Wahler (GER)

Team Silver YR-Europeans 2014 

Individual 5th YR-Europeans 2014

Team Silver YR-Europeans 2015

Individual Bronze YR-Europeans 2015

Hakuna Matata 

produced by Kai up to 1*-Level, then sold to Erika Sjoestroem (SWE) 

competed in 4 JR and YR-Europeans and up to 3*-Level 

QC Diamantaire

produced by Lara and Kai up to Bundeschampionat,

then sold to Carol Stephens (USA) for Sydney Elliot (USA) to ride